Thursday, April 25, 2013

Illinois Irrigation In Winter


jeleasure said...

Hi Steven,
Thanks for stopping by "Journaling For Growth".

Your photos are very nice. It is such an opportunity to live in a time when we can record the wonders of God by taking a snapshot.

I don't blog much, anymore. That is something I want to return to soon. I hope to be visiting your blog and (in my blog) begin posting soon.

Jim Leasure

"Love One Another"

"Journaling For Growth"

brattcat said...

What a 'cool' image on such a warm day.

Sean said...

Beautiful photograph... nice site. There is something about machinery and equipment covered in snow.... it is so far off from what it was supposed to do!

Captain Dumbass said...

Wouldn't mind a magical doorway to that right now. Beautiful photos, Stephen.

Jana said...

great work, You make simple things seem just so fascinating!! Those five grand babies are just lovely!!

Katy said...

Really enjoyed touring your efforts! My favorite is the Mountain Chapel. Such a lovely place! Wish I was there and in many other pics, like Lake Leavemealone!

Anonymous said...

it looks brown,very productive.

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