Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pastel Beach


Somebody Loved said...

So calm.


Vivian said...

I never tire looking at the beach....very nice colors here.

Lin said...

Beautiful colors on that beach! Thanks for visiting my blog. And I noticed you're following, but I have 2 blogs and I think you're following the wrong one! My photos appear on the other one.

Fish Whisperer said...

reminds me of my own work,
So of course I love it.

joo said...

I like it, very calm:)

jeannette stgermain said...

It looks like a pastel painting (one of the mediums I paint in is pastel:) )! Came over from another blog.Beautiful!

Montanagirl said...

Nice pattern and soft colors. Really think it's nice.

Ted Roth said...

This is my first time visiting your site, but I will be back. You have a wonderful eye, and it was hard to decide where to put my comment, but the simplicity of this shot really attracted me. Definitely a beach, but the color and implied sound make it a beautiful abstract.

Gillespie Family said...

I ENJOY ALL YOUR PICTURES!Your photos are filled with passion. I want to get better, I feel I am never good enough! What can help me. I take alot of pictures, but I want them to count! HELP shutterfly;)

Stephen Baird said...

dear gillespie family,

i have looked at quite a number of your photos. most of them do not fall into the same category as most of my posted photos. your posted photos are the very reason you should own a camera. your family is the most important thing you have and you have taken dozens of important photos of them even in just the last few weeks. you are doing fine but the photo you left this comment on is from a completely different category.

i am often trying to photograph things that God made in nature that are beautiful to ones eye. in God's eye, you are photographing the most important part of His creation ... you family, people! i have tons and tons of family photos but their appeal has a more narrow audience. they matter to me, the rest of my family, some of our friends and most of all, to God.

i am often asked the same general question you ask and have prepared an answer in a different post. you can find it here if you can paste it into a browser:

in all things, seek to better yourself. don't compete with anyone, just seek to do a little better each time. learn why some photos speak to you more than others and above all, chase that kind of photo while learning to enjoy what you are photographing and honestly you will easily be able to find these photos and better ones in the category i post online.

may God bless you and your family. you are doing quite well already with that camera.

nikonsniper steve