Saturday, July 13, 2013

Purple Rain


JustATish said...


ShEiLa said...

love this!


ARUNA said...

this is v pretty!

Heli gunner Tom said...

A talented person like you might be interested in reading the book, "SAFELY HOME" ~ by Randy Alcorn, about the underground, persecuted Chinese Christians who are jailed, tortured and murdered DAILY.
Hope you visit my own blog sometime.

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
Jesus is Lord.

imac said...

Now I prob wrong, but looks like bubbles from Lemonade in a glass, I like the background to this.

Justine said...

Okay, this can't be a pic you took yourself, so where'd you find it?

Justine ;o )

Justine said...

Know what was weird? My word verification (have I told you that I HATE those?) was Niccon. Isn't that weird?

Justine :o )

OMG, the next one was BUSTIO! Yep, that describes me!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

This is amazing! How do you get something like this?? Bravo! Janine

Stephen Baird said...

OK ... Purple Rain actually is a photograph of rain on a car window. Sit in a car when it's raining. Get your camera to focus on the rain drops on the window. Recommend using a passenger door window, not the front windshield as depth of field becomes an issue. Fill the photo with the rain drops ... you don't want to have to crop much out of the photo if you can avoid it. When you are photographing through the window ... try to take a photo of sky or any other color that is constant. Avoid objects in your background that might define the photo. You are trying to make the raindrops the most significant object of the photo.
After you have the photo, you can use a free program like Irfanview (it's fantastic for newbies and oldbies not want to go to the photoshop extreme). With Irfanview, use the color saturation and contrast to push to a color you like. After you get a good background color you like (doesn't matter what color) you can use RGB swaps to alter the red, green and blue channels to get PURPLE RAIN.
I admit ... I probably lost you in the end but it isn't hard if you try.
OR maybe I could teach this on a weekend to 50 of you willing to fly to Chicago! Yeah, how about NikonSniper Tours? My wife can also tell ya where to shop.
Hope this helps at least one of you.
NikonSniper Steve

imac said...

Ah, not bubbles at all, oh darn, I was wrong, but mine were bubbles,lol.

Mine = lemonade in glass,
using Photoshop Elements 2,
Artistic = Neon Glow,
Stylize = Glowing edges,
Adjust Brightness and Contrast to suit.

The Gems,
Macro shot of fountain,
zoomed and cropped
PSE2 = replaced colour.

Thanks for the info and will try out your suggestion of Irfanview.
Im pleased we have met, as you have inspired me a lot. Thanks.

Justine said...

Well. Wow. Very creative. I love it!

Justine :o )

i beati said...

so cool Sandy

David said...

Steve, I am glad you explained how you shot this picture. I can try it and put my own spin on it as well. Keep up the good work. I look forward to see more stuff.

Gramma Ann said...

Thank you for explaining how you got the colored raindrops. I followed your advice and colored my raindrops for my SkyWatch Friday this week. We had a cloudy wet, rainy week this week, and remembered you and your lovely raindrops. So thanks for the advice.

Vivian said...

Very cool, Stephen...very cool!

Chwile... said...