Monday, September 24, 2012

Twisted Christmas By Kye


Adelino Marques said...

Very nice effect

Skye said...

wow! I'm very interested in photography.

Hey, i know this is an ignorant question. Is Nikon D40 good? Since you're username is nikonsniper. I'm really considering getting an SLR but don't know which one is good for me. Well, that's the least expensive i could find in the market.

JustATish said...

Love it!

Donna said...

Hi Steve! Been a while!! I Love this one!! Happy night to you!

Robin said...

I love the color. I enjoy taking pictures, but I am a courageous novice. Taking pictures of my world has been healing to my soul. You see things through the lens that are invisible to us otherwise.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Pax robin

#167 Dad said...

Good to be back in Sniperland

imac said...

Great colours.

Stephen Baird said...

#167 Dad,
Kye is short for Kyle (something to do with the South Park TV show).
Kyle was pictured recently as our 6'-4 College Lawn Boy. Kyle tries some pretty cool stuff with abstracts.
ALSO! You were a winner of a 2GB photo card. Go back and read instructions. Sorry I have been traveling or I would have contacted you sooner. Congrats.
NikonSniper Steve

Stephen Baird said...

Regarding your D40 question. The D40 is an excelent camera. In fact, it is difficult to buy a camera in that price range that isn't an excelent camera from any manufacturer. The important thing is to use a camera as much as you can to its potential. If all you are going to do is shoot on Auto ... you can buy cameras cheaper that are just as good. But if you will take the time to learn features then I recommend buying as much camera as you can afford for a 3-5 year span. I celebrate anyone that wants to know more than just shooting on AUTO. Shooting on AUTO is ok if that's all you want. You can still get great shots ... but getting off the bus and taking full control really places you in charge. You can see more on my tips for photography at
All the best,
NikonSniper Steve