Monday, July 15, 2013

Get Your Motor Running


Pat said...

Great shot. This is what you call panning with the camera with the subject, right? Wonderful capture!

Kcalpesh said...

Great shot in motion! Nice panning!

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Stephen Baird said...

Well, it's kinda like panning. Uh, sorta.
For this shot, I was driving a car along highway 40 coming back into Albuquerque from Santa Fe and this biker was riding on a road across the highway on a service road at about 65mph. I got my D90 with the 80-400mm zoom lens so I could pull the bike in from long range. As I was driving I turned completely sideways in the drivers seat and synchronized the car speed and bike speed while firing about two hundred shots at different shutter speeds. This shot was 1/40th of a sec so the photo blurs a bit more than you would like. I was operating the gas/brake pedels and the camera while my wife was the eyes out front and the steering the car from the passenger seat. We were not in heavy traffic or I would not do this ... and I don't recommend that anyone does this because it is obviously dangerous ... but I have been living with this kind of (fun) thing my whole life. Ask my mom.
NikonSniper Steve