Saturday, September 8, 2012

Frisbee ... The Game Of Kings!


ShEiLa said...

very cool shot.
my last name is KING I guess I had better get a frisbee. ;)


Teacher's Pet said...

How did you do that?? I love it!
(Pardon my ignorant questions...but as a retired teacher, I remember telling my students there was no 'ignorant' question...and I really want to know.) You don't have to publish this if you'd rather not....but I'd love for you to post me and let me know "How'd you do that?" :))
Smiles from Jackie

Stephen Baird said...

teacher's pet,
there are no ignorant questions. ever! someone i respect said ... "we are all ignorant ... just about different things".
anyway, it's not hard to do this ... i did need a class to learn how to produce this effect in less than 10 minutes. i used two programs, irfanview and photoshop elements. i could have done it all in photoshop elements and short college classes are available to get a handle on this program in our area.
here's what i did.
1. i had a picture a liked that was sharp as a tack. i wanted to show some more lunge movement so i made a second photo from the first but i added a lot of zoom bluring effect.
2. i stacked the photos on top of each other in layers with the blurry one on top.
3. then i erased parts of the blurry layer to let the sharp layer show through in a few obvious areas.
this program is a blast to use. sometimes i just do it for fun. more effects are coming out tonight at midnight on other photos. particularily the bycycle.
hope this helps.
nikonsniper steve

dominique eichi said...

I appreciated the answer to the question of teacher's pet also

Teacher's Pet said...

Awesome...and clearly stated.
Thank you so much!

AB said...

Nice shot, nice post-processing

Judy said...

Cool, and even cooler knowing the process.

Child of God said...

Amazing what can be done with a computer! Honestly? I thought you really captured this one as it happened. ;s

I really love the talent God has given you.

In Him,

Phil said...

Great image, Steve. Like this one a lot!