Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Morning Snow Blasting


lewi14 said...

Hi, NikonSniper Stephen. Damn good photos, as always.

Japy said...

Another great composition. Greetings.

Chapa said...

Great tree, amazing.

paul said...

Hello, Stephan. Here is a message from Emmen in the Netherlands.
Recently i have started my own blog. That's why im writing this comment. I like your blog and your foto's. Maybe you can show some pictures from your hometown and its every day's live.
I apolize for my English (if its not okay).

Greetings Paul

Shirleyanne said...

A lovely photo Stephen.
Your diversity of photos are just amazing.
Kind Regards

BUSH BABE said...

Glorious... and cold! We live such opposite lives, you and I... me in one spot (one AMAZING spot, but still) and you roving a continent.

Pop on over to warm up - and tell me why there is so much noise in my moon shots please!

Michelle said...

Is that an oak? They always look stunning under snow.

Nina Morelli said...


Pinecone Camp said...

Hello from Vancouver, Nikon Snapper! I love your pics. I came across your blog through a friend of mine. Shooting with digital is kinda like sniping with a machine gun. Do you ever miss film?

Shadow Arcade said...

Gorgeously Wicked! I Love it! :-)

Vivian said...

Here's that tree again...think you've shot it in all four seasons, yes? Where is this tree?

Snow makes us slow down and smell ( and drink! ) the coffee and read a waiting book and spend some quality time with loved ones.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Hi Stephen!

Thanks so much for coming over to follow might be sorry that you did because I too shoot with a Nikon but I need some MASSIVE amounts of help in that ahead of time, I apologize for being annoying!!! LOL

Onto that photo. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
I just NEVER get tired of awesome photos!!!

Im also following you so we can keep up!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old saying, that "old trees do not allow anyone or anything to bend them".

A wonderful Thursday for you all.

Stephen Baird said...

yes, that'd be an oak. a favorite of mine to photograph.
nikonsniper steve

Stephen Baird said...

pinecone camp,
do i ever miss film? maybe when i have too much money laying around from not wasting it on film anymore. uh, no i never miss film.
i am glad i used film though. i think it gives you a greater appreciation for where the technology is going.
nikonsniper steve

Stephen Baird said...

this tree is one of two oak trees i regularily photograph. both are in the farm country of northern illinois.
nikonsniper steve

Stephen Baird said...

many of these photos are from my hometown. i need to be in my home town a bit more these days in order to get these photos you suggest.
by the way, i live in the town from the movie GroundHog Day.
nikonsniper steve