Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rocky Shores


Tracy said...

Oh, I really love the color of the water here. Were you using an ND filter?

ally said...

Wow, really nice photo!

Heckety said...

This is wonderful! Imagine trying to camp on that rock!

Stephen Baird said...

tracy ... no i did not use a neutral density filter ... but i did own them back in the film days for this type of situation.
you can produce the same kind of feeling in your shot by increasing the contrast, increasing the color saturation and sometimes decreasing the gamma in any of a million programs.
some say this is cheating! that's ok ... it usually called cheating until you learn to do it ... then it's smart. photographic purists will say that no alterations should be made. i agree with some of them in the pure sense. however, i am old enough to say that i spent thousands and thousands of dollars learning photography the hard way. no instant feedback. no such thing to tell you that you were screwing up badly and wasting film dollars. now i guess i feel like i paid my dues so to speak and if i like everything in a photo except the distraction of a bird flying into the photo ... guess what, that bird disappears!
i enjoy the programs sometimes as much as photography!
good question!
nikonsniper steve