Monday, January 21, 2013

Jazzy Blues For Your Monday

Give a listen to this blue-sy jazz piece called "True Blues" featuring incredible jazz pianist Keith Jarrett.
This is a jazzy version of the blues. As I have said ... Blues is something you just get! Jazz is what you do about it ... and if you can make that happen in the same song you end up with this classic.
Listen to this and try to keep from tappin' those toes.

Hope your week will chase away the blues and be full of jazz!
NikonSniper Steve


Teri said...

Steve--This is really great! I love piano anyway and this just makes it all so much better. Thanks for the comment on my blog. The photo was from Willow who deserves all the credit. I just try to find something in her photos to write about. I also want to thank you for pointing me to Wind...what a great photographer and I love how the songs are always so appropriate for what is being said in the photos. We all can learn a lot from each other, can't we! Have a great weekend. Hope you're not experiencing some bad weather. Stay inside that wonderful home you have!

Elizabeth said...

Such a pleasant start to my weekend! Thanks you Stephen.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the music this morning...had the tunes on, reading and commenting on blogs in front of a fire...very nice way to begin the day, I say!

Mari said...

loved it thank you :)
enjoy your weekend as well

Brenda Leyland said...

Hearing the piano played like that makes me long for a better 'talent' at the keyboard. I trained to play classical style (keep to the notes and all), so I found/find it very hard to wax eloquent on a keyboard.

Fun to listen to though. Thanks for sharing...........