Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Bag Man

OK, well, ... some of you saw the first edition of this post and have been writing to my email address asking where it went because I took it off.
This is a friend of mine and I took the photo in Colorado a few months back. With the help of photoshop elements I put a gun in his hand and posted the photo. It was kind of a joke ... but the photo looked a little too real so I thought I would remove it and turn it into a somewhat more humorous version so that my peeps wouldn't think that I really photographed a guy walking down the street with a gun.
Sometimes I think I have as much fun altering the photos as taking them.
Sure, ... I could put a riding saddle on a Rhino! When do you need it?
NikonSniper Steve


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Lynda said...

I think it is wonderful that you are so talented. I can't even figure out how to switch my blog background back to what it was!

Bogaman said...

He's almost got a smile on his face. Must enjoy his work. X.