Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Susan, My Partner In Crime For 33 Years


Ruth said...


Patrina's Pencil said...

Would she go to jail for you?

I see she holds a camera too. Is she your stand-in?

She looks MUCH younger than you :))

Patrina <")>><

Stephen Baird said...

a fair question that. after 31 years, i can say with a degree of certainty that susan would not go to jail for me. in fact, there are days that she would like to turn me in to the authorities herself. i have managed with pleading to escape that threat till this writing. i did have to cut the cord to the house line once early in our marriage to keep that from happening. now, due to new technology, i am finding that i must stay a little more in line as she has them on speed dial on her cell phoone.
yes, susan does lug a mean camera. she has never liked holding a sissy camera. after all the yelling, she has actually taken some great photos. i think she totes the camera in order to take doofy photos of me doing doofy stuff. i guess i am saying i don't think it's all about the photography for her though. susan likes the planes and travel more than the pictures ... though she probably encouraged me more than anyone to do something with my photos. i guess she is largely responsible for the creation of this blog ... so that's pretty cool. and yes, susan is much younger than me and will likely live to spend the money that our government has promised us. i may not have to be around for that disappointment to be revealed.
nikonsniper steve

Nina Morelli said...

Behind every great man there is always a great woman.
Why should it be different with you?
Behind a great photographer is a great motivator.
I admire you guys for these 31 years. May God continue to bless you both and all ur family
with love

Vilisi@islandmusings said...

Enjoyed reading the answer to Patrina's question & comments.

PhotoVigor said...

Wow, that's the only Crime that I wish to be continued. haha
Cheers.. :)

Pearson Report said...

Hello Stephen!

I have found my way to your blog via Kelly Olsen's site and the A-Z Challenge.

I will be refilling my coffee so I can sit back and leisurely scroll through your photos.

You have a remarkable eye (both in photography and in choice of your beautiful partner, Susan)
(I did read the previous posts for the 411 on you!)

Nothing nicer than sharing a passion with a partner!

Regardless of age difference if the soul is content and the heart is happy the casing that houses both is irrelevant.

Happy clicking!

Anna said...

That is long time!
Excellent photo, loved your answer to patrina. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Concratulations upon this achievement. May time and life continue to treat you all kind.

daily athens

Lynda said...

She is BEAUTIFUL and seems quite happy to be gazing at you through your Nikon.

ShEiLa said...

Good to see what the other half looks like... Nice to meet you Miss Susan.


Pieces of Sunshine said...

Congratulations! We celebrated 21 years last week ("quietly" at home with our 8 children). I like your sense of humour, I don't think there's much of an age difference at all.
Great to be able to share interests together or at least, enjoy your passions as you journey life together. What a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary month.

Elaine said...

Excellent photo! As I understood it, Susan is your guardian angel....

Vivian said...

If your crime is taking and sharing your beautiful photos with us all, then.....carry on!