Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enlisting Dogs In The Army

This is our daughter, Tara Baird. She is a Combat Field Medic in the Army, specifically the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), 4th Brigade Combat Team (Currahee), 801st Brigade Support Battalion (Maintaineers), Charlie Company (Painkillers). I have no idea what all that means. I really only understand that Tara was trained for the saving of lives in combat. Tara has spent time in Korea and is stationed currently at Fort Campbell, KY waiting her next deployment sometime early next year.

Tara has always been a dog nut and has really grown up with the fantastic dogs at Shewana Shepherds. We knew it was really just a matter of time before she found a way to enlist a dog in the military. Well, truthfully, I'm not really sure how Tara pulled this stunt off but she has now enlisted 3 German Shepherds, personally delivered from the Johnsons, owners of Shewana Shepherds, Harvard, IL to her new home in Fort Campbell, KY. Tara has known the dogs since their birth and even bottle fed two of them many years ago before she enlisted in the Army.

You can see these three dogs on the Shewana Shepherds link. Two can be seen on the "Our Dogs", Males section, named Shai and Tesher and one can be seen on the "Our Dogs", Females section, named Symphony. The whole world seems to fall into line for Tara when she is near a dog. Thank you to the Johnsons for your life long frienship to Tara.

Please keep Tara and all our troops in your prayers.
God bless!
nikonsniper steve


Child of God said...

Nice!!! Praying for you Tara!

Montanagirl said...

Yes, she's in my prayers. And keep my sister-in-law Sandi in yours...She was diagnosed recently with bone cancer...but she has a great attitude and is deep into her faith.

Stephen Baird said...

montana girl
will do!
nikonsniper steve

Jana said...

Will do....nice post

Manuel Filipe Santos said...

Great work, I'm following your blog. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Tara and her dogs are definitely in my prayers as are all medics (my heros) and anything Army (and military)...hooah! thank you Tara!

Eli OKeefe said...

Tell her thank you for serving our country and people from me! That dog is so cute! I love animals!

Judy said...

Love, and Tara is on my prayer list.