Saturday, December 22, 2012

Your Word Will Be The Last Word

Take a few minutes and listen to Tommy Walkers beautiful song of truth.

When I hear this song I thank God that He will get the last word.

I thank Him for His mercy and grace to me.
Your word Lord doesn't say I'm good, nor that I'm always right ... it says I'm forgiven!

"Though some may scoff and right me off" ... I delight in the greatness of you Lord Jesus for surely Your word will be the last word.

Yes, I have troubles that come and go but in my heart I'll always know that your word will be the last word.

Man's thoughts and plans will come to an end but your word will be the last word.

And so I pray that when my end comes you find me Lord running into your arms! I also pray that I may meet you there because of the grace and mercy you discover found in Christ!

Love, Stephen

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Molly said...

Yes - happy Christmas to you and yours Steve