Thursday, January 17, 2013

Enough With The Green Already

Well, here I am on the road again. Tonight I am barricaded in a hotel in Kokomo, IN. I have done all my emails for work. Ready to relax!

Not so fast! My wife just called and informed me that a water pipe in our shower has split in the cold weather back in our Chicagoland home. This day went really well compared to most. It just didn't end well. A faithful friend will go in to see the damage tomorrow morning. This one is gonna get ugly.

The shower in this hotel looks good though. I even have the opportunity to save the world with this shower by going green. Too bad we can't leave the towels hanging in our rooms when we depart and just check a box on the bottom of the card that forces the next guest to use our hanging towels. Wouldn't it be great to impose green on each other. I think Al Gore would want us to use towels on the floor. It may only be a few years away.

Think of all the world that we could reach with clean water just from the dollars used to advertise the green campaign. I know, I know ... It's not cool to say but ... enough with the green already.

I need rest.
NikonSniper Steve