Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cabin Suite


Thilda said...

Very interesting place! Do you have any photos from inside?

Heckety said...

Hey! When were you at our house? You shoulda knocked and come in for tea!

Stephen Baird said...

there were no lights on so i guess i kept going. there were a few warm meadow muffins in the drive way so i thought it was a recent departure to town for supplies.
nikonsniper steve

Stephen Baird said...

i will have to look back in my records of this day in iowa. it was a very muddy day as snow was melting in early april last year. i just don't recall if i approached this particular raised ranch.
nikonsniper steve

Anonymous said...

I love old buildings. I like to wonder about the history that they have seen.

Some one at some time built it. It looked new once. It served a purpose.