Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Croc River


David said...

Mr. Baird, How do you find the time to shot such a variety of pictures? You must have retired early, and drive around with camera in hand. Thanks for the site and all the posts. I am inspired to try something different, just need to find the time.

Stephen Baird said...

I have two terabyte drives full from about 6 years of constant shooting. I still try to shoot daily. For example, my son and shot the color lights in a circular pattern that I posted tonight about 2 hours ago. That was after shooting about 300 shots of my daughter playing softball tonight.
So I have thousands and thousands of shots to pick from before I even wake up. BUT ... I really try to keep shooting new things.
Bought a new GPS for my car with an "Attractions" section ... and sometimes I just go where an attraction is supposed to be ... even if I have no clue what it is to shoot anything I can.
In about 24 hours from now, I will be in Oregon and Washington to work for the first time in my life. I am excited for any new views that will avail themselves as a result so expect to see different views very soon.
I did not retire yet but yes, my camera is always around usually 2-3 cameras with different lenses beacuse I don't want to waste time changing the lens or risk dust getting into the camera housing.
But the toughest thing is time, I understand that ... however, at my age, I have found it to be something that I receive great mental benefit from doing. I get the same joy photographing that many get watching TV. I got rid of every TV in our house and I feel better. HA! I do go over to my sons house to watch football in the fall once a week but I have tons more time now that I got rid of that.
Trade offs I guess.
Variety ideas are as simple as grabbing a book and saying let's go do that. I have hundreds of ideas I have yet to do ... like photographing planes near O'Hare and going to the Horse Race Track ... the gambling tables of Vegas and the night lights and ... fog on Buffalo north of Jackson Hole and whatever walks around the corner and avails itself.
Keep on shooting David. Only you have your vantage point on this big blue ball.
NikonSniper Steve

momentsinaneye said...

How nice it is to wake up in the morning and see this. You inspire me. I take my nikon with me where ever I go. Thank you

holdingmoments said...

I can almost hear that water! Love it.

tterlyn said...

I love nature shots. God knew what he was doing when he made this big blue ball. I enjoyed reading your comment back to David, very inspirational. I will be in Oregon 6-11 to 6-18 Klamath Falls, Crater Lake area and northern CA. Mt Shasta & Tule Lake. I'm traveling from Tulsa OK. I hope to get some shots from the plane too. Good luck to you on your sniper hunt & sharp shooting.

Dakota said...

Very well done.