Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sun Baked Clay


arty said...

Amazing photos.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder if you ever sit back and look at one of your photographs and say, "WOW... I didn't notice THAT when I took that photo!"
I've been looking at this one over & over again and I keep finding that more and more is revealed.
I love the "feeling" of 'bakedness' like every surface has been baked and weathered in the sun. And even though there seems to be a bit of respite in the cool shadows of the inside - that respite wasn't enough. It 'feels' as though this dwelling was left deserted because the elements proved to be too harsh.
Yet... in the midst of all these weathered and sun-baked textures, there's still a breath of life to the left!
Okay... maybe I've looked at it too long. But it is an amazing photo!

Stephen Baird said...

i have occasionally seen things that i did not know was in the photo. this probably happens more in landscape photographs than any other thing.
ok, you might be pleased to know that this is a tourist information center inside the painted desert. it is probably not an old building. i wanted to capture the photo as though it was. i was pleased that they were so articulate to keep it a native american design. i think it looked more natural than other options.
nikonsniper steve