Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sydney by Night


dad in training said...

Love this picture. Makes me wish I was there right now!

BabYpose said...

great one!

victoria said...

Preciosa foto,con sus colores y reflejos en el agua,tu Nikon y tú sois geniales.Con cariñoVicky

WhiteSockGirl said...

This your work? Absolutely gorgeous!

Carrie said...

Wow! I love this one. Beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous look.


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tee said...

I love this photo..I am lucky enough to be on the water often but cannot seem to get a good night shot of lights on the shore ..any tips??

Stephen Baird said...

here's a starting point to shoot like this if you have a digital slr camera.
1. mount camera on a tripod to shoot.
2. set camera to "shutter" or "time variable" priority.
3. shoot shots on iso 200.
4. shoot at 1 second exposure and if its dark ... shoot at 2 secs, 3 secs etc.
5. shoot at 1 sec exposure and if its too bright ... shoot at 1/2 sec, 1/4 sec etc.
give it a whirl. its very fun to shoot 15 secs in moving traffic. the tripod is the key to clarity.
best of luck.
nikonsniper steve