Monday, February 18, 2013

Clark Street Drag Strip


Ique said...

Great work, Man.
Beutifull shots.

Somebody Loved said...

Love it.

I could so learn volumes from you... I can tell.

Unfortunately everything I have learned is self taught... and I really should take a class... ir several.


Thanks for Sharing.


terminal101 said...

I love that picture. Nice work.

Shadow said...

hey! you've got a good eye, these photos are great!

Liz said...

Your photos are amazing! I admire your talent!

Lola said...

Womnderful work, Stephen. I'm glad I found your blog. And thanks for stopping by at my kitchen! Ciao

Virginia said...

I'd love to do that. I think people have tried to explain it but I don't seem to get it! Yours is great. Love the color as well. WEll done Stephen!