Monday, April 15, 2013

Bird On A Wire


Anonymous said...


Does it only have one foot, and what kind is it?

Great job!

Carol said...

This one says a million things, most of them so, by your not centering the subject. If I didn't know it would swamp your inbox, I'd comment on every photo. As I say, I now keep your RSS feed for the last hit of the day. Some peacemakers call themselves photographers; well, the 9th beatitude is "Blessed are the photographers, for they shall sleep as well as their late-est viewers." God bless you!

Stephen Baird said...

i wish that one was ... "Blessed are the photographers because I have given them permisssion to disobey trespassing signs anywhere they want in order to get any photos that reveal to people more about who I AM."
nikonsniper steve

Stephen Baird said...

photog ave,
sorry i just photograph them and i really don't know much about the various names. i am sure others could venture a guess.
as for the foot question. it has both feet for sure. i watched for that specifically. the bird has its right claw pulled up into its feathering. i was surprised. it was like it was trying to keep warm. i was impressed it could stay balanced with the grip of one claw. it is quite a large bird. i was it didn't fly away. i left before it did.
nikonsniper steve

madcobug said...

That makes me think of a young eagle or hawk of some sort. A bird of prey anyway. I have been keep up with this young eagle since she was just an egg. Now she has a transmitter fitted to her body and it has been very interesting where her route has taken her. Helen

ethelmaepotter! said...

I love this one. On my off days last week, I sat in my psuedo-office for two days, with the blinds open, taking pictures of bird and squirrels in the tree outside the window. I came back from a bathroom break and just braely witnessed a HAWK taking off from the closet branch! Missed it! ARGGGHHHHH!!!

Carol said...

From here, it looks like the Cooper's Hawk that I saw one pouring rain day down near the river. Gorgeous. Deadly, but gorgeous. Sighting a raptor always feels like a Gift.

As for trespassing for photos, remember that song, Signs? "Hey, what gives you the right --to put up a fence to keep me out or to keep Mother Nature in; if God was here He'd tell you to your face, 'Man, you're some kind of sinner!'" Amen! They've even No Trepassing'd the small deck where my beloved old tugboats still tie up, where I used to fish every other day in summer. Can't get near enough, now, to even smell the baleen-like buffers on 'em. I always feel like I've been robbed of something, and that my kids were, too.

Vera said...

I love your bird photos, and this is another one to enjoy. You seem to capture the character of the bird you are focussing your lens on, making them extraodinarily unique.

kyungmee said...

Stephen, we had a hawk taking a bath in our neighbors backyard this weekend..what a sight! By the time I took some photos and got closer for a better shot, he flew away!