Thursday, December 13, 2012

Come Fly With Me


dj trish said...

Dear Steve
Your Photos and words of wisdom are awesome.The Bible tells of to encourage each other and you truly do that!
Yeah Im sure your have those days where you doubt your self but As a friend said to me I do what I do and hope others are blessed by it.Well Thats my day to day mission.Just do what I do and hope others are blessed by it!
Love and Blessings.

Stephen Baird said...

Thank you for your kind words Trish.
I sure do have those days where I doubt I can get anything done. I could write a book about how Jesus Christ has changed me and is changing me. Sometimes I think I made that road more painful than it had to be by my own foolishness.
But by His mercy and grace I proclaim that He has been there to hold me during the most discouraging of times.
May you continue to lift His name above all else in your life. I pray we are able to meet at His feet in glory knowing that we encouraged one another in faith. Trish your heart and words have always been appreciated here. Keep routing for people and point them to the King of Kings!
nikonsniper steve