Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Takin' A Ride In East LA

Vivian's Ride. 1960 Chevrolet EL Ca-h-mino!
Dyi-nnnnnn' To Meet You!


Vivian said...

Wow! That is one heck of a cool looking....car. What ever it is. LOL

For Moi?

Scott said...

A very sweeeeeeet ride too.

Stephen Baird said...

vivian ... you made a comment on a photo a few years (ha!) ago about the fact that i chopped the back half of one of these "el caminos" off in the photo. i did it to eliminate a bunch of junk in the back of it. you mentioned that i had cut the best part of the photo off.
i thought that was funny so i told you in that post that i knew i would get a better shot of one someday. this one is better but it was taken hanging a lens out the window well heading to the LAX airport.
i regret that i agreed with your comment and removed that photo and all of its comments from the blog.
nikonsniper steve

Vivian said...

Hahaha....I remember that photo! You have a good memory. I've always loved the El Camino from the 70's . This one here is quite a beauty....looks to be from the 50's, although, it looks custom made.

That's a great shot from your window. I take a lot of shot while driving. LOL

This past weekend I thought about a post you had, a story about you taking dangerous shots....trying to get that one better shot! You stepped over a guard rail and ...whoops...slipped down the hill.
Well, I was in Montauk ( the End of Long Island ), on the beach, the tide was in, and I was trying to get some good angles of the waves at sunset. Stepping closer and closer to the ocean, keeping one eye on the sun and the other eye on the waves. Well....all of a sudden my feet felt wet! And I had boots on and it was about 40 degrees. Yikes!

Vivian said...

PS....did I forget to say thank you?
Where are my manners?

Thank you!

andrey salikov said...

bella fotografia