Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Marengo Illinois Spot


cristal de uma mulher said...

Mui lindo todo el imagen

besitos desde Brasil

Shotslot said...

Really like the vibrant colours in this, wondered how you produced that?

Pat said...

I like the cartoonish look! We've eaten here, too!

Tati Karpa said...

wow what a shot

I'd love to put it on my wall

looks like a drawing (or is it a photoshop?)

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Fabulous picture - the colors are amazing!

Stephen Baird said...

this photo ... is a photo of an actual restaurant in marengo, illinois. see comments ... pat ate there in the past.
it is actually a photo in which i liked the detail in a norman rockwell kind of way (though i ain't kidding myself). i just like trying different things to add to the variety of photos on this website. this was produced by goofing around with a new program i have trying called topaz adjust.
i wish i could give you more specifics but i am still learning a lot in this program. the HDR effect in Blue Dusk was also done in this program.
nikonsniper steve