Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beautiful Photography Award #11

This month's winner of the NikonSniper "Beautiful Photography Award" is a very talented and veteren photographer, Scott Law for his Just Used Pixels blog.

Scott's love for photography has stood the test of time and I recently spoke to him about that. Here you have it in his own words from a recent email.

I started in photography as a teenager with film many years ago and bought my first 35mm SLR as an American serviceman in Vietnam it was a Petri FT. I later moved up to a Pentax 35mm. I actually took a photography correspondence course and several classes in college. Eventually I had a couple photo studios doing studio and environmental portraits, weddings and some commercial work mostly with 120 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 and 70 mm film and keeping an Olympus 35mm for fun & family work. I even did a lot of my own processing and printing in my own color darkroom. I then left photography to finish a military career and did mostly just family video work.
What has kept my interest in photography is when I returned to still photography when the quality of the digital cameras reached a level where I could actually enjoy it and since I loved working with computers, when I found Photoshop I was 100% hooked again. I could combine my two loves of photography and the computer being able to do what I used to do in the darkroom, only on my computer. The perfect world for me. Another thing that has kept my interest is my wife’s patient understanding of my passion and a very good friend who enjoys it as much as I do so we do a lot of shoots and traveling to beautiful places together.

Thanks Scott for your wonderful photo blog and for this insight into what has kept you in the game for so many years.

Make sure you visit Just Used Pixels!

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