Monday, November 12, 2012

Buying Sunglasses For Your Camera

Have you ever though about treating your camera lens to a pair of sunglasses? Probably not! But I just thought I would share this little secret with you if you can buy a polarizing filter. I went out this afternoon to take these test photos on a new polarizer I purchased.

I wanted to place these photos right next to each other so you had a reel feel for the results. Not all polarizers give the same results. I would suggest you do a little research before you purchase but they do add a ton of possibilities to your photography.

The polarizing filter used for this test is a HOYA HMC, Multicoated CIR-Polarizing 77mm Filter. Lens is a Nikon 17-55mm, f2.8. Camera is a Nikon D90. Photos shot is Shutter Priority with a 17mm focal length. Time gap between the two photo is 5 secs. Photo A - f13 @ 1/200 sec, iso 500. Skylight Filter only. Photo B - f10 @ 1/200 sec, iso 500. HOYA HMC, Multicolored CIR-Polarizing Filter.

photo A skylight filter

photo B with polarizing filter

Now if you wish to see the real results. Copy a big size version on to your desk top and toggle between the two photos. The sky and cloud details that are viewable in the polarized version are incredible. The price for this filter ranges from $80 - $120. They aren't cheap but I do enjoy the added color benefit. I have enjoyed having these filters in almost every situation but especially in deserts and high sun situations.

Hope that helps.
Nikonsniper Steve


Nancy said...

Definitely brightens things up a bit. Have fun with your new toy in the Canyon! :)

Jeanne Klaver said...

I keep meaning to invest in a filter, but never do. Thanks for this's a good testament!

Ruth said...

I have been looking at this filter for one of my next purchases. It also does wonders when dealing with reflection on the water or trying to take pictures of fish swimming near the surface. Enjoy your vacation.

Montanagirl said...

Hmmm...That's very nice.

Anonymous said...

With a lot of sunshine during summer over here, this was for sure of interest to read and see.

Please have a good new week you all.

Lynda said...

Definitely worth the price! The results are obvious.