Monday, January 7, 2013

One More Step Buddy And It's War


Jeanne Klaver said...

Not one step closer for me. Great shot, though.

Vivian said...

You've got quite a collection of animal nicer than the next, and one closer than the next.
Must be light on your feet.

Stephen Baird said...

not really all that light on my feet ... actually quite the opposite is true.
i think God lets me do a few stupid things and get away with it. i think i was ten feet from a wild bull elk last october in yellowstone. i think he saw my gray hair and knew i was no threat. the other photographers were sixty feet back hoping that i would offer them the bonus of shots getting thrown.
angels laugh! i hear them all the time mocking the stupid things i do for a photo.
nikonsniper steve

Vivian said...

hahahaha....I love it! Oh yes, you definitely have God busy sending angels down to protect you!