Monday, May 13, 2013

Find Waldo The Bear In This Cave


Ruth said...

WOW. I would love seeing this in a 60x40 inch print on luster paper hanging in a Museum this is exquisite.

Judy said...


New Every Morning said...

This is an incredible shot. Have you ever put a photo on a metallic canvas? This would be a great one to try it out on. LOVE it.

Stephen Baird said...

new every morning,
that is a great question. answer is no! i am beginning to look into different substrates should i decide to sell a portion of my work in another market.
you would think that my walls in our home would be covered with photography but the aren't. truth is ... i wouldn't know what photos to print. funny, some i really like get no comments. some i think are just OK ... get many comments.
anyway, i decided long ago that if i ever displayed photography in our home it would only be on a flat screen tv because i can't afford the space. i could change the photo every half hour if i used a tv. the rest of the wall space is for photos of my kids and grandkids. i'll bet that's the way it is in most older folks homes.
nikonsniper steve