Friday, May 17, 2013

Everywhere I Go I See You!

I have been so fortunate to capture so many beautiful places in photos here in the USA as well as around the world. Here are a few more beautiful places where I spent time with my camera, alone with God. Each place displays the results of God's handiwork. You can see His attention to detail in even the smallest things. My friends, ... You were uniquely made by God! You are no accident. God wants a real relationship with you. Doesn't that make you want to know more about Him?
Have a great Monday!
NikonSniper Steve


ShEiLa said...

This is pretty darned awesome!!! ARE these YOUR photos???? I think I recognize some... as I keep watching I am pretty sure they are yours.

Thank YOU for SHARING NikonSniper Steve!!!!


ShEiLa said...

I went ahead and shared it over at my blog... I loved this so much!

Stephen Baird said...

yes, sheila. i probably should have said so ... so i will add some text to the post now. i always mention if a photo is not mine. i could make these videos all day long. i love these musical artists.
nikonsniper steve

Nina Morelli said...

Oh, Stephen you are very blessed person. I thank God for you and your camera, because of this i can admire and enjoy beautiful places to my eyes.
God keeps you this way, fortunate, as you say.
Thanks, my friend, for sharing lots of wonders that God created.
A big kiss in your heart.

En Vida Real said...

You mean God in a fresh way and that pleases me. Knowing that some people have in mind that the Supreme Being. Our Creator. Power always be at peace, although we're not perfect.

Lynda said...

How can anyone doubt the existence of our magnificent Creator God?!!! HE made our life more than survival - - - HE gave us overwhelming beauty!

Judy said...

God bless! Thanks for sharing His beauty!

Vivian said...

Wow!...I've watched a lot of music videos with scenery photos but non so beautiful as yours!
That Michael W. Smith song is perfect for your photos.
I had the pleasure to see him and Amy Grant in concert this past spring.
How amazing it was to worship God amongst all those people!

Thank you for continually showing us all God's beauty through your lens....I do believe that is your God given gift! : )

God bless you!

~ Vivian

Anonymous said...

wow...really special pictures and video! I was moved~ Thank you! ♥♥♥

Ruth said...

I saved this to watch on Sunday morning. A lovely way to start my day of worship. Thank you for sharing.