Monday, April 8, 2013

Lookin' For Adventure


marc aurel said...

I love your eye. Can I copy some of your pictures to my blog?

Gary Heller said...

Looking for adventure indeed! Love your blog and photography. You have a very wide range of subject and approach them in a way that the viewer can very much enjoy.
Happy to have crossed paths with you.

Annette said...

Wow! I love your photos! You come up with great-fitting titles for your photos. I especially love the one of your granddaughters. Granddaughters, right? I enjoyed my visit and I'll be back! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy to have found your blog!

Anonymous said...

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MyMaracas said...

Ironically, I had Born To Be Wild stuck in my head for two whole days earlier this week. Now it's back. So yeah. Thanks for that. LOL

Great photo, though. Love the way you've filled the frame with sharp, shiny details.