Monday, August 6, 2012

Walking On Lunar Terrain


jane said...

this is gorgeous... well they all are. thanks for you nice comment. coming from you is a huge compliment. hugs-jane

Changli said...

beautiful photo...amazing colour!

ShEiLa said...

Just curious as to the exact location of this photo???


ShEiLa said...

So I backtracked a bit once again and I think I figured it out. Is it Trona CA down by Death Valley?
I have never seen this place before (actually I have not seen a whole lot of places) and I thank you for the photo.


Stephen Baird said...

locate trona, california. from trona drive towards ridgecrest on 178. before you get to ridgecrest, take trona road heading south towards 395. it will be on your left hand side. best shots would be after 3-4pm.
all the best. good hearing from ya.
nikonsniper steve

IndiaBranca said...

Achei lindas essas fotos! Entendo que cada uma tem a sua beleza, não importa o que esteja sendo fotografado. Mas gosto muito de fotos de paisagens e animais.
Obrigada por seguir meu blog!