Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well ... No Photos Today.

Sorry I am wiped out.
I participated in the moving of my Mother from Central Illinois to our little hamlet of Woodstock, IL today. I say I participated because I am not at all what I used to be. I thank God for a large family that did most of the hardest work. Still I ache and typing is hurting my finger tips. I will post something for you tomorrow. Maybe a cute little bunny I saw in East Peoria today ... Oh that last line could get me slapped.
NikonSniper Steve

Thanks for The Second Cup Of Tea

Well, ... it happened again. Thanks to Jennifer at For The Love Of A Teddy Bear Blog I have again been awarded the infamous "One Lovely Blog Award." See

Yes, this happened again and … well, truthfully, if you recall the last time I was so emotionally moved (May 3rd) that I sat sobbing and my sons called me names and eventually decided to beat me up. See, ... I raised the boys like I was John Wayne or something ... and then well, I won a “Lovely Bloggie Award” … and I was like Lucille Ball doing the “Wahhhhhhhhh”. So, I am fairly sure this made my sons uncomfortable and they didn’t like to see me acting like a sissy ... so they decided to give me a few weeks out of the public eye in a private ward at the local hospital. By the way, ... you won’t understand this at all unless you back up to see the post back on May 3rd (if you are interested).

That said. I am again thankful for this selection Jennifer but trying desperately not to cry while the boy are in the vicinity. I do want to thank you for the thrill, honor and joy of the "Lovely Blog Award." I should get out of hospital next Wednesday from the last beating I received. Also, another problem with awarding me anything is that ... I am horrible at the duties being passed. This is all catching me at a very bad time. I am scrambling to prepare to spend extensive time in the Western USA (CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV) for my company. I will begin photographing as I travel through Oregon and Washington beginning Thursday, June 4. Stay tuned for a different look in photo landscapes.

So Jennifer, Thanks. You’re the bomb digity. Can you still say that … or is that out now?

I just hope my boys don’t react the same way to me having two pink teacups now. Come to think of it … that does sound a bit … well, … my Dad even would slap me for two pink teacups.

Thanks for your selection.
NikonSniper Steve