Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aspen Bouquet

Hiking Montrose

A Long Peek At Long's Peak

The Jazz Of Keith Jarrett

Well, here's hoping you have a great week. Give A Listen to one of the world's greatest living pianos, Keith Jarrett playing one of my favorites, Autumn Leaves. Keith can play standing, sitting, screamin', moanin', or flat out walking around the room. Jarrett's skill is explosive and he is a creative blast to hear.

Ocean Front Cottage In Oregon

Life On The Pond

Open Fields To Explore

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colorado Ground Cover

Hill Billy Parthenon

Crooked River, Oregon

Yep! I Got Chained Up At The Mall Again

Ourey Mountain Rescue Vehicle

Look close! They take Visa and Master Card. How convenient!
"Sir, you say you are hanging on to a tree root 20' over the side of a cliff? OK, we'll be right up to get ya ... can you read me your Visa or Mastercard number at this time?"

Bighorns Come To Town

Good Wilson Hunting