Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Outskirts Of Bedrock

Nippersink River Bends

Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Camera Lens?

Not happy with the color in your outdoor photos? Have you ever thought that the sun bleached all the color you saw with your eye out of a photo after you got your photos back from the lab? Then treat your camera lens to a good pair of shades.

I have bought HOYA HMC 77mm PL-CIR Circular Polarizers for my lenses and have been very happy with the results. Obviously you need to get the correct ring size for the lens you wish to polarize. The wider angle lenses seem to benefit much more from this type of filter.

Example - photo with no polarization.

Example - photo with polarization.

These photos were taken 7 seconds apart. No settings were changed on the camera. All I did was rotate the filter! This type of polarization filter is convenient because all you have to do is rotate the filter to turn the polarization on or off. You pay more for this convenience. I believe the filters were about $170 each. Cheaper versions are available but they must be removed from the camera manually to remove the polarization.

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Dear Deer

Wild Flower Color Splash

Birds On A Beach Mirror

Still Fighting Through The Frost