Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wow! 2000! Who Woulda Thunk It?

Thank you so much to every last one of you ... including those of you who follow but don't comment because of all that stuff ya have to go through in order to make commenting possible! You all matter! Just knowing you are there is really cool to me. Thanks. God bless you all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winner NikonSniper 2000 Announced Jan 20

Thank you to all of you who entered the drawing for the brand new "Western Digital - My Passport Essential 200GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive".
Entries have now been closed. There were approximately 156 entries for this prize. If you missed this drawing ... stay tuned for future drawings announced on NikonSniper.
Winner will be announced next week on Wednesday, January 20. Good luck to all of you!
The purpose of this giveaway was to simply say thanks to all of you for following NikonSniper. I hope you continue to enjoy your time here. God bless!
NikonSniper Steve

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Braff Zackton

One of our closest and most sarcastic followers is having a birthday today. Happy Birthday Braff Zackton!
I have known Braff for approximately 26 years and I probably have been to ten of his birthday parties over those years. I am missing another one today but I am sure he will understand. I mean after all ... it's only 26 degrees where Braff is today ... and it's like 70 here. So, it's the thought that counts, right Braff? Don't eat my piece of cake. I'll swing by in June.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Divided Mind

Have you ever had a divided mind? Of course you have! Well, it's happening for me now. I am about to depart for Southern California. Everything is in final stages. I am starting to feel like I am in California. The packing, the itinerary, travel targets, GPS loading, customer contact files, the phone numbers, emails, product literature, final calls to close friends in illinois, seeing my mom, family, ... and a special request task for one of my children in whom I am so proud are all in progress. I may tell you more about this last one in the future. It's just something that I am still strugling with a bit in family life. It's all good ... it's just part of growing up and trusting God in another "change issue" a bit more than before. This takes faith and can be tough on you even after you get gray hair. Well, I guess I learn a bit more every day. I don't always want to learn ... but someone up there has a sense of humor.

I have so enjoyed my break and the fact that most of you hung around during a winter lull in NikonSniper activity. Thanks so much. You are such an encouragement.

OK, let the rodeo begin! This next trip departs Chicago for Santa Ana on January 11 and will bring more photography from the Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and San Diego areas. I hope to head back to the Sequoia National Park and to the Simi Valley Ronald Reagan Library on the weekends. If you know these areas, your travel tips are welcomed. You can see the approximate travel map I will be covering on this adventure.
One really cool thing I learned on this trip is how to set up photo posts in advance so that when I get into difficult travel days there can be a normal launch of photos. This is cool because I can set it up and go to sleep or continue working without distractions. That will help me tomorrow when I am hitting the ground and need rest rather than have to seek new targets immediately.

Here's hoping you will come along. I will be looking through my travel schedule for the rest of 2010 to see where I will be heading in the months ahead. I will let you know when I am coming to a theater near you.

All the best.
NikonSniper Steve