Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beautiful Photography Award #6

This month's winner of the NikonSniper "Beautiful Photography Award" is ... Arctic View by Elaine of Alaska. Check out the fantasy of photographing the Alaskan frontier. I am vaulted into a rugged world that is totally foreign to most of us every time I drop in to see what Elaine is doing with her wonderful blog. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and think about making a trip to Alaska when you see her beautiful photography.

Alaska is a MUST DO for my future travel. This is a spot I would like to travel to in every season.
Thanks Elaine!

nikonsniper steve

Want Memory Verse Cards?

Nothing can comfort your soul like the Word of God. Many of you know I have been memorizing verses. I want to help you experience peace that is found in scripture. This is where I have gone for comfort especially during this period of unemployment. No matter where you are, God is reaching to you in His Word.

Write to nikonsniperguy@aol.com and all you have to say is "SEND VERSES" and I will send you these easy to cut out verse cards that you can print up and start memorizing. There are lots of easy verses to start with as well as some that will take practice. There is 132 verses in all and I guarantee you that you will find them uplifting in your life.

God bless you all!
nikonsniper steve

Brisbane Market Center

Chicago River Cruise

Learn About White Balance

Well, I just shot these photos in the winter. They are examples of the different variations you can capture if you allow yourself to learn a bit about controlling white balance. If you are interested in learning more, dig out your camera manual and find out if you can control the white balance on your camera.

Tip: Can't find your manual? Well, put the model number of your camera along with "pdf" into a google search and see if you can download a copy of a pdf manual onto your computer. I actually download many camera manuals ... and I would always download a camera manual in advance for any camera I was thinking of purchasing.

The Nikon D90 allows you to control the white balance in many ways. Most cameras allow you to pick White Balance presets for sunlight, shade, fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Experiment with these settings when you are in the appropriate application. Go ahead ... get wild, use the wrong settings too! Sometimes this will do some very interesting things to your photos. Remember, if you like it, who cares what anyone else thinks ... unless of course you are trying to appeal to the masses.

My favorite way to control white balance is by setting a light temperature. The D90 allows for adjustments between about 2,500 and 10,000 degrees kelvin. The upper photo was taken at approximately 7,600 degrees and the lower photo was taken at roughly 3,700 degrees. The Auto White Balance setting on most cameras is usually set around 5,500 degrees.

OK, now dig into the subject of white balance in your manual discover how to alter the white balance. Play around with some shots so you can see how the settings will change your photos. Do you feel that one of the photos above is colder than the other? Do you see how you can control the feeling of a photo by changing the white balance? Go ahead now, give it a whirl. What have you got to lose?

NikonSniper Steve

Buying Shares In Sweat Equity

Salmon At A Fish Hatchery

Palm Springs Front Yard Art

Christmas Ornament Futures