Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last Road Trip for 2009

Well, the last trip for 2009 is about to take flight. I will be leaving for Los Angeles early Sunday morning to pound out another two-weeker that includes San Diego and Palm Springs. I caught my first look at Illinois snow earlier today. Not much. It snowed previously here but I was in Arizona experiencing my first snow there. That was weird.

This year I have been very lucky. Well, I don't really believe in luck. I think God has sent a group of angels to protect me from my stupidity. I mean ... Did you ever do something so profoundly stupid that when you realized it ... you just sat there stunned that you were still alive. One of those events was so dangerous that I can't even joke about it. My wife knows. She was there ... and I am glad we are both still here. But sometimes, I swear I can hear the angels in the back seat laughing their butts off about what I might try next. (Oh, by the way I did finally complete my California Highway Patrol recommended driving school by computer from Illinois. I got a 90% on the test. Wow was I proud. I studied for 14 hours. What a waste of a day off.)

When I started this blog officially sometime in February, I had no idea how fast it would grow. When I started to travel in June there were still only 600 followers. Now, nearly 1200 more have joined. AND I KNOW WHY!!! People are wondering just how I will accidently get myself killed. I heard it is the heaviest gambled pool by readers from my employers corporate offices. HA-ZAH!

Back around Father's Day when I was in Oregon, I saw this guy out in his small boat with two sons going out for a day fishing. Beautiful waters and trees. He was going around the river and it was a fantastic photo opportunity BUT ... I had to go fast or he would be out of sight before I could shoot the photo. So I pulled off the road with horns behind me blarring for my sudden stop without warning. I was chasing the new most important thing in my life and no angry Oregonian would be able to honk sense into me. I quickly jumped out of the car with my camera and POW ... just like that ... I got a great photo. Fantastic Father's Day shot. I know ... you were thinking a car hit me. Is that what you bet in the office pool?

Then I wandered around the corner and saw a fish hatchery. Cool, I thought. It was a blast. I walked around for 40 minutes taking photos of these Rainbow Trout and Salmon. Great time watching them tag fish. Just having a great old time on that perfect Saturday. No worries, certainly no cares.

I finally decided to get back on the road when I noticed ... hmmm, I left the car running. I got in the car and was further stunned when I discovered that the car was still in gear. Seriously! The only thing that kept the car from going down the hill and into the river was a slight incline in the road that the idle of the car did not surpass. So the car sat still ... IN GEAR. I don't know but the sound of laughter from the back seat was deafening. I think they were laughing at me and the unlucky angel that had to hold the car still for 40 minutes. Well, all I can say is, my funeral WILL be a riot. A contest of sorts. Who saw me do the stupidest thing? You're the winner!

If you want to read which of my adventures I think was the hands down dumbest, Click Here!

Well, I am thankful ... and a little more careful than when the year began. So here's hoping you will keep looking in during this Christmas season as I finish the photo collection for 2009. It is a hecktic time of the year. Pause and reflect on the meaning of Christmas. Try to find some time to really do it. Christmas is part of the reason that the fear of my eventual demise doesn't phase me a bit. I know where I am going after this life is over ... and it's not because I am a really good guy. Rather, it's because I am a forgiven guy. I am by grace alone in Christ. This sure helps me relax a bit when I a sliding down a hill or when smoke was coming out of our overhead compartment on a flight in preparation to land in Chicago.

I wish you all the very very best. You have all been so kind with your comments and support. Thanks so much. The map above charts out the approximate route for this trip. It is also placed here in advance so that you might be warned that I am on the road.

Stay tuned.

NikonSniper Steve