Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Everyday Is A New Experience!

Well, I am here in Moreno Valley, California tonight. This trip already appears like it will be somewhat photography-challenged at best. The good news is ... snow in some mountainous regions. We who call ourselves Chicagoans like to think we know how to deal with snow. Though the mountains DO present a new twist to tobogganing downhill out of control while trying to remember to steer the car in the direction of your skid and avoid the chained 18-wheeler climbing the same hill.

Rain is quite another thing here. Oh, sure, we get rain in Chicago. We usually get rain all summer long or on weekends or on any days we take off work for vacation. That's why sick days always occur on awesome sunny days. You can spot a Chicago tan anywhere in Phoenix in February. I like to call it "engineering white" or "killer whale white". That's me! I burn so bad now that I don't go to beaches any more with out 2 layers. Well, that ... and I also got tired of pulling somebody's harpoon out of my back.

But, this is California rain. Tomorrow it's 1-3 inches of scattered showers, 5-10 inches of snow in some more mountainous regions with scattered periods of "Hey, Uncle Bob your house is slidding down the mountain again ... should we get the winches out of the garage?" What? That's not a weather forcast! That's an apocalypse.

So, I just thought ... maybe I should ask someone who actually knows about this kinda thing in this area. And who better to ask than the night clerk at a Comfort Inn. So, just as I walked in the door of the hotel lobby ... there was another broadcasting of the weather being played on a TV with the night clerk actually watching it. I asked him what he thought about tomorrow. He said, "It'll be Monday." I am not really sure he understood me ... but if he did ... I am concerned.

I am going to do my best on this trip but as of now I see a lot of windshield photos in my future.

Leaving The O'Hare Ramp Bridge