Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Off At Fort Sill

We heard from our daughter Tara again today after several days of silence. In the top photo, Tara (left) is pictured with friend Brandi Gallegos from New Mexico. In the middle photo, Tara (left) is pictured with friends Shellby Bailey from Alabama (center) and Shaila Clark from Wyoming (right). In the bottom photo, Tara poses with Shellby with their weekend barrack gangster faces. They are all getting a well deserved day off training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Days off are full of joy as you might well imagine. They have been working for weeks in 90-105 temperatures. This week they completed the gas chamber tests. Here is the Fort Sill Basic Training Video that shows a bit of what their daily life is like in their hot weather training. Next week they head to the rifle range. The photos from Fort Sill often lack quality due to poor lighting and using cell phone cameras but the happiness of a day off still comes shining through.
We are praying for you all!
Love, Dad

But Mummy ... I Totally Hate Dr. Suess