Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Cameras Die

Have you ever watched your technology purchases start to slide in their response to your demands? Most of the time, we are delighted when the old TV, video camera or microwave is finally toast ... because we get excited that we will be "forced" to buy the latest technology. YES! Out with the old and in-zeees with the new. After two days of having the new ... we don't even remember that old piece of junk.

Economic times have changed that a bit for many in America. Many do not have available funds to replace those items without refinacing the dog food. We are hanging on to the old equipment longer. I spend a bit more time being thankful and praying for my cameras. Insane? Maybe a bit, but not these days.

Photography is really my escape. It's like therapy ... and when you start to experience glitches and endless resets that will allow operation to be restored only until you are ready to shoot the next critical situation ... you get a little worried.

I believe I am hard on cameras. I am not at all blaming the camera or the manufacturers because in most cases I get 3-4 times the warranty in captured photos. It may only take me 2-3 years to do that ... so the cameras are not old ... just worn out and complaining that I am not reasonable. They usually start thinking this while I am in the store considering their purchase and running through a few tests.

 You don't even want to know how fast I can blow through 10,000 photos. I have done that in less than 72 hours ... way less if you figure it out on the basis of daylight. However, I do shoot quite a bit after dark when I am traveling and am in cities with skylines etc.

So, I am experiencing glitches more often these days. It's like watching your therapy slot with a faithful doctor get filled with extra free time between visits. I am hanging on these days to push the shutter envelope with these D90's.

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