Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looks Like, The Eyes Have It

Katie's Victory In Christ!

Well, Katie is back in the fields navigating big tractors again. Now she's planting crops in Northern Illinois. After planting is over, Katie will be heading on a missions trip to Africa.

So, ... Do you think God can't change your life?

Watch Katie's story! God is very real and He has always been in the business of changing lives and people.

I so enjoy talking to Katie seated in those big tractors. She always speaks with joy about learning to walk free from the bondage of sin.

Katie's story is all about discovering God's love and power to change.

Spending a day with this young women is like having an up close look at the 180 degree turn from Saul to Paul. She just keeps growing. She has been delivered from the worst of situations by the power of Christ alone.

Praying for you Katie!
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all you you! Keep on being you!

I have the blessing of being able to sit with my Mom, Janet Baird in church every Sunday. Today was special in that Mom sat between me and my brother, Peter from Texas. We wondered when the last time that Mom sat between any two of her three boys on Mother's Day in church. Daniel Baird of Ontario is our other brother. It's gotta be 30-35 years at least. For most of those years, we were all separated by hundreds of miles, so today was really cool.

Today we thank God for two Moms! Susan's Mom, Bernice Ingram is living in London, Ontario and Janet Baird of Woodstock, IL. How can we thank you enough for bringing our family before the Lord in prayer? You have been praying for us for more than 50 years of our lives. Thank you for memories of being faithful in calling upon the Lord for our needs.

Moms, ... May your Mother's Day be great!

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