Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010 Is Here!

Well, it's sorta here anyway. I finally got the blogspot site mirrored to ... so I got that going for me ... which is nice! So, now when you are telling people about the nut with the camera ... you just have to tell em' I even forget the blogspot address periodically ... so I end up telling people to just google nikonsniper and it will be the first choice. One day I hope to have a technically sound computer literate individual to really turn this site into something special.

Well, as you know, It's Wednesday again! Guess where I'm going?

You're right! Los Angeles! When, you ask. Well, I bought my ticket a few minutes ago ... so that means I'm L-A-ving tomorrow. Five nights at home and I'm outta here again. I will be back in Chicago for a change of shirts on Saturday only to depart on Sunday to Tucson, AZ for four days.

I am crazy busy tonight getting ready for this very important trip so ... this is all I'm posting till tomorrow night.

On a serious note, I really have to say something ... it's a special thank you ... to whoever that very special person is named Anonymous who keeps sending me that e-mail regarding Viagra. I am really so happy you found me! Thanks for the 162 rejected e-mails last week. You know I just can't pass up a 'VIAGRA SALE'. Thanks to Mr. Anonymous, NikonSniper followers can absolutely guarantee that I will read their comments very carefully because Mr. Anonymous loves to lure you into thinking he likes your pictures just before slamming you with the details and location where Viagra is being distributed like chicklets.

Anyway, folks gotta get off here and climb back on the mechanical bull I call life.

Take care. NikonSniper Steve

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rain On ... L-A

Well, I'm back in Chicago now and caught up on sleep late on Saturday. Thanks for coming along on that quick trip to Los Angeles with me. Over the past months, many of you asked or wondered just exactly what is it that I do that has me jumping around the country so much. Well, ... I will give you the short version. Perhaps, Zack Braffton, will chime in with his several versions of what I do for a living.

For 23 years, I have worked for a wonderful company ... named Web Printing Controls in Illinois. That's right, I am not a photographer. I do believe I have many shots of quality ... however, I do not earn a living doing photography. Real short, ... WPC is involved in the engineering, manufacturing and support of electronic printing controls that essentially reduce ink and paper waste and improve the quality of print on web offset printing presses ... that is the big presses, ... not office copy machines. Web Printing Controls was a "green" company before being green was cool. Isn't that like being "country" before being country was cool?

Anyway, I have had several careers within our company including mechanical engineering, technical sales support, and sales administration. These careers at WPC had me travel many years all over the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

In June of 2009, I became the Technical Sales Rep for the Western USA. So, as I travel from one customer to another in the West, I hang a camera out the car window. Since June 2009, I have logged 22,500 miles of highway driving in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona. There's the quick answer as to why there are very sudden jumps in my photography opportunities. What a beautiful country to photograph between sales visits.