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Jesus Wasn't Just Another Good Man

Listen up!
I want to make sense here. I am not trying to start a riot.
Sometimes I hear things that make my brain scream inside. I guess I just need to start somewhere.
I recently heard a discussion where someone proposed that perhaps Jesus was just a really good man. I wanted to yell, "No Way" as loud as I could. I know this person did not say this about Jesus in order to cause a conflict. In fact, they may have said it in order to deflect any possible objection to their view. I sat quiet and did not interupt. I guess I just believe that it is absolutely impossible that Jesus was simply a good man.
What would you say? If someone asked you, "Who do you say Jesus was or is?", ... what would you say? I hear so many people say or indicate in some way that Jesus was a good man or a good teacher. I almost think it's funny now ... because if you think about it ... Jesus being a good man isn't really even a possibility.
After all, ... Would a good man deceive the world? Would a good man tell people to throw all their trust upon him? Would a good man tell the world that he was the only way to get to God? Remember, it was these claims and others that got him crucified. I believe only a wickedly cruel man or a perhaps a complete whackjob would make these claims if it were not truth. I think I owe a lot of my thinking on this subject to a writer named Josh McDowell.
Josh writes that Jesus either:
a. willfully told people that he was God while knowing full well that he wasn't, or
b. was delusional, sincerely claiming and believing he was God when he in fact wasn't, or
c. was in fact God.
So, either Jesus was Lord, a Liar or perhaps a Lunatic. Others have written that Jesus could also have been just a Legend proposing that perhaps he never really existed. What do you think? Don't worry ... all views aren't right ... but all views will be tolerated here!
I think most people are happy and very accepting of all kinds of world religions. I think if I started a blog telling people that I was in to Zen, Krishna, Marijuana and Yoga ... most would think that was cool! It's very interesting that as soon as you evoke the name Jesus ... it seems many want to run for cover or poke fun at the idea of believing you need a Savior. I believe many people simply do not want to confront the person of Jesus at all and that possibly there are many who may believe that if they put their head in the sand every time Jesus is mentioned that they may not have to be accountable if in fact Jesus is Lord.
I dunno. What say you?
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