Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Forever Woodstock Bluestreaks

The Lost Background

Another Overcast Day In Arizona

Casing The Olema Grocery Store

Heads Or Tails, ... Call It In The Air!

Understand ... NO ONE got hurt ... or this isn't a funny caption. The driver is sitting down making a cell phone call to let people know that he will be late getting to his destination. There are a million funny captions to write for this photo knowing that no one was injured. I am certain you can think of a few.
NikonSniper Steve

Gateway To The Vineyard

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sun Deck In The Woods

Camp Harvest Michigan - Spring 2012

Very soon these boats will be filled with the laughter and excitement of children and their camp leaders. They will spend time together here at Camp Harvest, Mighigan, having fun and learning about the Lord Jesus and His offering of life eternal to those who believe in Him.

The Stillness Of Blue

Willow: My Wife's Rat Dog

We've had this Rat Terrier for a bit more than 3 years and she really doesn't shed hair. If she did, ... it would be a Mexican Hairless. Her name is Willow ... and she still hasn't killed any rats that I've seen. So, I suggested that perhaps we could upgrade to a Squirrel or Raccoon Terrier next time.
Anyway, Willow was quite attentive when I shot a series of photos. I think she heard me talking about a dog upgrade. My wife won't hear anything of it.
NikonSniper Steve

Grand Canyon Coffee Break

Ducks On The Pond

Floating Walkway

The Buildings Of Bisbee Arizona