Saturday, February 2, 2013

Miss You Pops

Six years ago today, on February 2, Ground Hog Day 2007, my Dad, the former pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Oakville, Ontario went to be with the Lord.
This is a photo taken at White Sands National Monument approximately 40 years ago with Dad and my two brothers, Daniel of Oakville, Ontario and Peter of Austin, Texas. I have always liked this photo because it looked like we were having a family meeting in the clouds. One day, this really will happen!
On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.
Miss you Pops! Stephen

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Milwaukee Bridge Memorial Art

I recently photographed this art on the side of a bridge in the Milwaukee area and wondered the history behind its memorial. Here's what I learned:
Joshua Glover was a runaway slave from St. Louis, Missouri who sought asylum in Racine, Wisconsin in 1852. Upon learning his whereabouts in 1854, slave owner Bennami Garland attempted to use the Fugitive Slave Act to recover him. Glover was captured and taken to a Milwaukee jail. A mob led by Sherman Booth broke into the jail and rescued Glover, who then escaped to Canada via the Underground Railroad. The rescue of Glover and the federal government's subsequent attempt to prosecute Booth helped to galvanize the abolitionist movement in the state that eventually led to Wisconsin becoming the only state to declare the Act unconstitutional.
A Wisconsin Historical Marker at Cathedral Square Park in Milwaukee marks the site of the original court house and jail where Joshua Glover was imprisoned by federal marshals, and later rescued by a mob of 5,000 people. Efforts are underway to create a park monument which meets the National Park Services's requirements for an official National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom site.
Written by Wikipedia

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