Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Road Trip - June 4 to June 20

Hello all.

Well, the first of several road trips is just about to begin. Tomorrow I will leave Chicago for a trip from Seattle to Portland (June 4 to June 20).

I will continue to post photos daily if possible in the evenings (PST) or as time is available from those locations. When you are from the great North American Corn Belt it isn't that hard to look forward to seeing mountains. So, I will grab as many photo opportunities as time allows. I will be visiting with 36-40 customers so I have my work cut out for me.

Next. We are closing in on our 600th NikonSniper follower. This will likely happen while I am away. I will announce winners of a drawing shortly after we have hit the BIG 600. Winners will need to send an e-mail with an address for shipping the 2GB cards. This will stay private. Please do not post addresses on the comments section.

I am still working on photo contest ideas for months ahead. We are getting some sample high-quality NikonSniper hats printed for the winners. Maybe we will sell hats if you are interested but only the winners will have the logo with the additional words Sharp Shooter in gold. Lots of ideas are still being kicked around. Just another way to say thanks to all of you.

And finally to all of you. Sorry I have not been too interactive with my response to your comments recently. I have been scrambling to get many things done prior to my departure to the great American Northwest.

Continued Thanks for your kind words and encouragement.
All the best.
NikonSniper Steve