Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom, ... You remain such an encouragement to me.
May God continue to use you for His kingdom as you speak of His power and ability to meet and exceed all of your needs. Watching His hand miraculously provide for you has been a great and very visible evidence of His love and care for His child. May God allow you to effectively minister for Him all of the days of your life.
Thanks for giving me a good beatin' when I had it coming and for washing my mouth out with soap! Thanks for lovin' me when I was hard to love. Thanks for the prayers you uttered that kept me somewhat sain. Thanks for the tears when you hurt for and with us. Thanks for the laughter at my goofey and repetitive sense of humor. Thanks for loving God and pointing me to Christ. Thanks for being real. Thanks for saying you're sorry. Thanks for soup.
May you enjoy a birthday today knowing that your labor is not in vain. Press on for Him who is able to deliver you and present you faultless.
Love, Stephen