Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Military Grandson: Jaxon Eoin Baird

Here is Jaxon sleeping in his momma's combat helmet earlier today. His mom is a combat field medic in the 101st Airborne stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. We are delighted to be watching his earliest days of life in our home. Jaxon, now three weeks old has more hair than I did when I was two years old.

Need To Get Flipped And Out On THe Water

Cactus Bouquet

Midwest Sundown

Hey ... A Little More Behind The Ears Please

God-Given Landing Gear

Joy Ride

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pops Is Tops! Happy Fathers Day To All!

Love ya Dad. Miss you on days like today!
Wow, ... did I ever fight with this dude. Here is my Dad late in life in his chair. He taught me so many great things but I really didn't realize much of it when it was happening.
He stayed with my mom, his only wife, until his death, just short of 50 years. Dad sought to live a life for God, something outside of his own will. He wasn't AT ALL perfect in doing that ... but he wanted me to proclaim Christ in my life as of first importance. HA! You should have seen this guy when he got angry! It was both Irish and its nastiness made me a better football player! Gosh I love ya Dad.
I am SO glad you were NOT perfect for I am also NOT PERFECT. I know how much I loved you anyway and that gives me great hope that in my imperfection ... my children might love me too!
Thank you for pointing me to Christ. Thank you for being my Dad.
Love Stephen

Yo-dell Mountain