Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rodeo Hoe Down At The Bellagio

Back In Woodstock Illinois

Well, Kyle and I have survived the 1886 miles. We only missed one target on our list. I will still have to visit Four Corners on another trip.
We slept a little less than normal and basically averaged 300+ miles a day looking for photo targets between the main spots.
Dads, I can't recommend anything more than getting away with your kids one on one, even if they are adult kids. Kyle and I talked about a million things. The TV was hardly ever on when we made it to hotels, mostly to see weather or news. Kyle and I had conversations of a lifetime and memories that will last forever.
We experienced everything from 30 degrees in ice, slush and snow to 91 and sunny in our week together. One of the most incredible things was the survival of the rental car in Monument Valley and Grand Staircase National Park.
I have also added the State of Arizona to my list of States where I got to personally speak with a State Trooper. He was graceful handing me a warning this time for my 85mph experience on the new Hoover Dam Speedway.
Our GPS was stolen at the Kayenta Monument Valley Inn so we had to fly in the dark for a few days. I called a friend of mine in Colorado to say hello and he told me they make maps out of paper that you could buy at gas stations. Who knew?
Thanks to all of you who came along for the photo ride on NikonSniper. We enjoyed your comments and good wishes. I will be chilling for a few days as my trigger finger is a bit tired. I am not sure how many photos we took ... but I kept 7238.
Have a great week. Keep on shooting! Only you can photograph the world around you!
NikonSniper Steve & Kyle