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Spring Green: Sign Of Life In The Midwest

Happy 31st Anniversary Dear

I’m still here deary! I haven’t fallen off one of those cliffs yet while trying to take a picture. I promise you, … if I should ever find myself falling a great distance to a sudden stop … check the camera, … I will keep shooting all the way down.
A few days ago, I mentioned that I would announce another big surprise for one of my followers. That lucky follower is my wife, Susan of 31 years. I was certain she would not think a reference to one of my “followers” had anything to do with her. I really can’t believe that I have been able to keep this surprise a secret from her for this long. In order to pull this off I had to make arrangements with her boss at work for some time off without her knowing.
So, Susan, this time the surprise was for you! I thought I would type it here on NikonSniper because I don’t think you will believe it … if I tell you. And, … you know what they say, … “If it’s on the Internet … it must be true!”
Anyway you now have about 60 hours to get ready to leave to Utah and Arizona. You are going with me a month before I take Kyle on his graduation trip. So, you are leaving for Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase, Paria Canyon Wilderness, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend and the Antelope Canyon.
Still love you! Like I said … I told you before we were married that living with me would be a bit like a rodeo.
Promise kept for 31 years!
Love, Stephen

So, my bloggie buds, … the photos from Arizona, Utah and Nevada will becoming faster than I originally stated. I guess I discovered I need two trips to pull this off properly! So power up your laptop, call the neighbors, throw a log on the fire (in Minnesota) and join our first of two photo tours to the Wild Wild West. I will try to bring you the best of each day in photography and I am sure I will be able to add hundreds of shots over the next few years on NikonSniper. Also, I hope to going to the Everglades, Saguaro National Park and Mount Rainier in the next few months.
Stay tuned.
NikonSniper Steve

Sprawling Oak In Spring