Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Few Reminders

Photo Usage By Churches - No Permission Needed

All images are copyright protected by NikonSniper and you must have written permission to publish any materials. One exception ... churches have my permission without written permission to use any NikonSniper photo for the purpose of large screen display to enhance worship services. No problems at all. In fact, thank you for this compliment.
If you would like to use a photo for posting on your blog, all we ask is that you credit the photo to NikonSniper and add a link back to the original posting of the photo on NikonSniper.
Please feel to contact us at for support using these photos for any other specific requirements or needs. I tend to allow more things than you might think depending on the purpose!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation Day Is Finally Here

Today with everything else emotional going on around our house in Woodstock, IL ... we are also so delighted and so proud that our youngest daughter Leah graduated from Woodstock High School. This is the last of our five children to graduate high school. What a relief! For the last 17 years we have had a Woodstock High School student living in our home and quite frankly ... my wife and I feel a bit like we have graduated too! Thank God I survived!

Leah is a fighter and I am sure like you, we are proud of all of our children. Each one is very unique. Leah, however, is very special to us for several reasons. Life has been an everyday battle for her since the summer prior to the eighth grade. Leah was diagnosed with severe Narcolepsy with all of the major symptoms and complications.

Regular everyday life has been struggle for her in so many ways. Some side effects can be devastating. God has been so VERY good to us all. Leah, now 18, has become a young woman just beginning to explore career possibilities. Severe narcolepsy usually sidelines a person from interaction with the outside world.

Leah earned a great GPA will she fought to stay active in Varsity Softball which is a very rare accomplishment for those with Narcolepsy.

She will start her continued education at McHenry County College this fall. We are extremely proud of what she did academically with the odds that were stacked against her. We look forward to watching new doors that God will open for her bright future.

Atta girl Leah!
Love, Mom & Dad